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HX partners with Foodvalley NL

Since February 2020 HX has become member of Foodvalley NL.

Foodvalley is the primary knowledge-intensive agrifood ecosystem in the Netherlands. This ecosystem is characterized by many world class innovative agrifood and food-related solutions and by the cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, education and governments.

Since its establishment in 2004, Foodvalley NL has built up a deep insight into the challenges of the (ag)food industry and a vast network of companies and knowledge institutions that can help in tackle these challenges effectively.

Mr. Simon Lin (MD China): 'With this membership we will be able to transfer our knowledge from within HX Agriculture to Foodvalley and Visa versa. We can learn a lot from the Foodvalley innovation network and we hope to apply this in our projects. On the other hand we believe that we are able to open the door to a huge consumer market for many Dutch agricultural companies. HX Agriculture is very proud to be part of the Foodvalley society and we look forward to sharing knowledge and cooperate within our projects.

Organisations involved:

50 weergaven


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