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Roadshow Dutch companies to Taizhou

After the successful pre-visit to our Agropark. The Netherlands consulate of Shanghai organised a roadshow to Chongming Island Shanghai and Taizhou, Jiangsu province on the 5th and 6th of September 2019. HX Dutch oriental agricultural town will have many opportunities for Dutch companies in Horticultural sector and flower (bulb) industry. Please register at

The roadshow will cover the whole supply chain of the horticulture industry, from starting materials, greenhouse builders to equipment (such as seeds and seedlings, flowers, substrates, automatic handling machines, training and education etc). Companies from all relevant links in the chain are welcome to join. The programme will consist of: 1. A meeting on Chongming 2021 Flower Expo, with Chongming 2021 Flower Expo Committee. A matchmaking component will be included. 2. Sino-Dutch Sustainable Protected Horticulture Technology Seminar in Taizhou, with Taizhou Agriculture and Rural Development Department. 3. Matchmaking buffet luncheon; 4. Company visits in Taizhou 5. Attending an opening ceremony of Project “Taizhou Dutch Oriental Agricultural Town”

Furthermore, the Sino-Dutch Sustainable Protected Horticulture Technology Seminar aims to share and exchange knowledge on the protected horticulture technology between the Netherlands and China (especially in Jiangsu province). Target audiences include Chinese horticulture companies, scholars from knowledge institutions, and local government. Participating companies will be involved in the seminar via short company presentations / pitches. This seminar is expected to contribute to knowledge exchange, enhancing collaboration among the governments, knowledge institutions and enterprises as well as stimulating collaboration and trade between Chinese and Dutch companies in the field of protected horticulture sector.

Interested companies can contact for further information

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