Our Projects

All projects are managed by HX Agriculture in cooperation with our partners. HX Agriculture will always maintain majority operational control over it's projects to ensure operational excellence.

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  • Taizhou HX Agro park

    33 hectare of greenhouses 

    Flower park development

    Start September 2019

  • Jiashan HX Agro park

    Phase 1, 5.5 hectare of development with High tech greenhouse + research departments. Join our project, for more info please contact us.

    Start construction  October 2020

  • Yixing HX Agro park

    60 hectare of greenhouses 

    Flower park development

    Industrial park development

    Start November 2020

  • Chifeng Inner mongolia project

    Circular development for 300.000 cattle. 

    Sustainable development 

    Project management and ROI 

    Start August 2020

  • Jiashan Project

    420 hectares project development 

    First phase, 4,5 hectare greenhouse

    Start July 2020

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