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Agro park developments, indoor farming.  climate, investment, ROI, market, operational management. Everything you need to know to start with your project development. From Engineering to masterplanning, HX is able to help it's clients in developing their projects before costly consultancy is needed


Communication is Key! By bridging the gap between companies in Europe and the world while maintaining an optimal project management. From Netherlands to China, countless clients are benefiting from the project management service from HX Agriculture.


With experience in the international construction and Agri and horticultural industries you can rely on us to propose the most suitable and technological advanced partners for your project. 


With a large network in Europe and China we are able to raise funds for any ROI solid project developments. Due to the awareness of clean and healthy food production governments have implemented subsidies for agricultural projects and HX will be able to raise these funds 


While project development and management is the core activity of HX Agriculture. We are always improving our production and sourcing methods for our projects. Due to our network with production companies in China we are able to help Western companies in lowering their costs.  



Together we will assess if your product has the potential to improve your business

HX China

HX China will search suitable partners if they are not within our own factory capabilities

IP Protection

Government is supporting in a trustfull IP protection. HX will facilitate the process for partners


HX is able to perform Quality assurance and assistance in the production of your product

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